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lego-batmanSo I had my choices of movies that opened this weekend to see. They were John Wick: Chapter 2(which I am waiting to see with a friend,) Fifty Shades Darker (be a cold day in hell for me to see that movie by myself,) and The LEGO Batman Movie.   Now the one similar thing between Fifty Shades Darker and The LEGO Batman Movie is that a single guy going to see either of these movies by himself is borderline creepy, albeit for different reasons.    So if you had in the aforementioned cold day in hell and the fact that I love Batman, The LEGO movie it would be.  I was hoping for another surprise like last year’s Zootopia.  Instead I got something that was closer to Minions with more steady laughs but no laugh out loud moments.

LEGO Batman, voiced by Will Arnet (Despicable Me,) is the King of Gotham constantly foiling the evil plans of the Joker, voiced by Zach Galifianakis (The Hangover.)  But one thing that Batman hasn’t been able to overcome is his fear of loss relating to his parents.  That is why he fights crime alone and lives alone with Alfred, voiced by Ralph Fiennes (Spectre.) His life takes a sudden change when he accidentally agrees to adopt orphan Dick Grayson, voiced by Michael Cera (Superbad,) when Batman was distracted by the new Gotham Police Commissioner Barbara Gordon, voiced by Rosario Dawson (Sin City.)  As Batman tries to hide his fear from his new friends The Joker is working on the ultimate plan to get revenge on Batman.

My basic problem with this film is twofold.  One, to me, the movie is aimed at children under the age of 12.  Two, while there are lots of little jokes, especially Batman lore related, nothing really makes me laugh out loud and it seems like there was no real story development because it is very basic.  Of course since I believe the target market is 11 and under, that works.

The story of the movie has the feel of an afterschool special movie made in the 70’s and 80’s.  The whole purpose of the story is to tell kids the importance of family and how you can’t do things alone and that it is ok to ask for help from anyone, including your enemy. This is all fine and good I suppose for the Millennial and Gen-Xer parents out there wanting to enforce that kind of crap…I’m sorry, feelings in their kids.  The problem I have is that in this day in age of Pixar films and non-Pixar Disney films and a few Dreamworks films that cater to both the child and the adult child, this film is aimed strictly for the kids and for me belongs on the Disney Channel and not at the movie theater.  But then again I don’t have kids so what do I know.


The most telling thing for me and this film is that today I had a long day of work and barely five hours of sleep.  No matter how tired I am if I am into the movie I have no problems staying awake.  However, for this film, I dozed off for I would think 10 minutes at least because I have no idea how The Joker’s Gotham city bad guys got dumped by the Joker for all of the phantom zone villains but it did (This will make more sense when you see the film.)

I will say all of the Batman related jokes were giggle worthy but if you know nothing about Batman and its movies or the TV show then you might miss out on them and then the entire film won’t be funny at all.  The special effects were also amazing and on par with the LEGO Movie.

This will be an entertaining film for your kids but I can’t say for sure that you will like it.  This movie basically takes a great character from the LEGO Movie and tries to give that character its own film but the story is to basic and the lack of humor makes it basically a one trick pony for one and half hours.  But go see it because it won’t be the worst film you see this year.

Oh yes one more thing, there normally would be a whole paragraph on how annoyed I am that movie studios and their marketing departments are wasting the movies best material in the ridiculous amount of trailers released before the movie and why that it is bad.  But I am beginning to accept the fact that this will be happening all the time in the present and future so I should just get used to it.  So stupid.


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sincityStylistically this movie is ground breaking and original. This movie was the first movie that was shot entirely in front of a blue screen. But the story, or I should say stories, were equally original and wonderfully put together.  However, this movie is not for every which is too bad because it is probably the best movie I have seen in 2005.

The movie is based on the Graphic Novel of the same name written by legendary comic book writer Frank Miller.  The story is actually three stories that are intertwined in three different stories that involve the corruption and the crime of the city and three heroes trying to make things right.  The first story is split into two parts, starting and ending the movie and is about an honest cop who is about to retire because he has a bad heart.  The cop, named Hartigan, played by Bruce Willis (Hostage), is on the hunt for a child rapist/murderer who happens to be the son of a powerful corrupt U.S. Senator.  The son, Rourk Jr., played by Nick Stahl (Terminator 3) kidnaps an 11 year old girl, named Nancy Callahan, and has the worst intentions.  Hartigan catches up with Junior and saves the girl but in the process gets shot by his corrupt partner, Bob, played by Michael Madsen (Kill Bill Vol. 2.)  We end the scene with the 11 year old girl curled up on Hartigan’s dying lap feeling safe.

The second story involves a thug named Marv, played by Mickey Rourke (Man On Fire) who is framed for the murder of a prostitute named Goldie, who was nicer to him than any women ever has been before.  Marv starts on a long trip finding and killing all those responsible for the death of Goldie, which leads him to a psychotic killer who kills prostitutes and eats all but their head which he mounts named Kevin, played brilliantly by Elijah Wood (Lord of The Rings.)  Kevin leads Marv, to his handler, Cardinal Roark, the brother of Senator Rorke, played by Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner.)  Marv confronts the Cardinal and is captured by the police.

The third story involves Dwight, played by Clive Owen (King Arthur,) who starts helping a waitress, Shellie, played by Britany Murphy (Little Black Book) by kicking the ass of her boyfriend who beats on her, played by Benicio Del Toro (Snatch.)  Dwight follows Jackie Boy (Del Toro) into downtown where the cops do not go into because it is controlled by a bunch of hookers who have an agreement with the cops, the cops stay out, and they receive a cut of the profit.  Jackie Boy gets killed by the prostitutes because he tries to hurt one of them.  However, Jackie Boy is a cop, which his death will cause the truce to be broken.  It is now a race against time for Dwight, with the help of the lead hooker, Gail, played by Rosario Dawson (Clerks II) to get Jackie Boy out of the city without the cops knowing who he was killed by.

Of all of the comic book movies that have ever been made, this movie is by far the closest to any comic book to date.  “Sin City” ignores all of the Hollywood political correctness about women being more than sex objects, violence towards children, and heroes who are not necessarily good guys, and takes the stories straight from the book.  Frank Miller, the author of the Sin City graphic novel, also one of the directors of the movie, is one of the better story tellers in the comic book world and his story, as disturbing as it may be, translates to the movies quite well.  Robert Rodriquez, who was the main director of the movie, deserves a lot of the credit for bringing this story to film.  He stayed true to the characters and the story which I did not win him any friends in the political correct community.  He also insisted on Frank Miller being list as a director, which caused him to resign from the Directors Guild of America, instead of having to make compromises on the movie that he was unwilling to do.

The actors all did a wonderful considering that they all had to work with blue screen’s because this movie was one of the first ‘fully-digital’ live action films.  Willis and Rourke were outstanding in their roles and provided a lot of humor.  Rourke’s story was by far the funniest of the three stories, while Willis’s was probably the most disturbing.  Brittany Murphy and Jessica Alba also did a great job in their roles, which were small but important and well done.

Since this movie shows like a comic book, and there are women who, although powerful, are wearing nothing and treated as sex objects, this movie is not for everyone, especially children under 15.  However, I highly recommend this movie, and I predict that it will not only get nominated for an Academy Award for special effects, it may give Star Wars III a run for its money.  Go take a chance and see this movie, Rodriquez did and he should be rewarded for it.

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I think that this movie is pretty good, but I don’t think it sucked as a sequel. I don’t think that when Smith decided to make this sequel, he was going to shoot it the same way, plus as Benn has said, the studio was never going to allow him to do it.

I also agree with Benn that Rosario Dawson was by far the best actor on screen and it was very noticeable how far ahead she was in ability than the others. I also agree that Kevin’s wife Jennifer was terrible. She used to be (maybe still is) a writer for USA Today and it is quite clear she has had no training what so ever. But I won’t fault Smith for casting her, because that is what he did in the first Clerks movie, so why should that change for the second Clerks movie. If anything, he should be faulted for casting Dawson because she is so good, that she makes everyone else look mediocre or worse.

The first Clerks movie to me was a character study written very smartly by Smith. This movie I feel actually has a decent story which address that age old question, what am I going to be when I grow up? Both Dante and Randall lamented about working at the Quick Stop and Video store and yet 10 years later there they were working until it burned down. They both go to a fast food joint and again begin to lament about moving on yet they never do.

I like this story because it is very real. The question really never seems to go away. When you are in High School, you just assume that you have picked what you want to do and then you go learn how to do it in college, or you get out of high school and immediately get into your profession, and then you go do it. What happens when you get to college or start working on your career, and discover that you don’t like it? Or that you are not any good at it? Then what? Well you can’t go back to school because chances are you already owe a million dollars for student loans, or if you went into your profession right away, chances are you have a family and tons of bills so you cant just stop and start something else at the bottom without running the risk of losing everything? Smith addresses this subject in the movie and does a nice job of it and for this I like the movie.

Lastly I will say that the first 30 minutes of the movie was painful to watch. It wasn’t until we got to the story lines that this movie got interesting. In my review of the first Clerks movie, I said that I felt Smith would get an Oscar one day. After watching Jersey Girl, I was still positive that he would, but after this one I am not so sure. I hope that he has finally put the “Jersey Triangle” stories to bed and hopefully see him move on to something more substantial so we can see some more growth. I think the ability is there. I will own Clerks II, it is pretty good, just not his best.

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